BylvayTM (odevixibat) Approved

Bylvay is now approved in the U.S. and Europe



Targeted Expertise.
Brighter Outcomes.
New Treatment.

Learn about Progressive Familial Intrahepatic Cholestasis (PFIC) and a new drug treatment available.


Backed by Deep Knowledge of IBAT Inhibition

Dedicated to the development of novel bile acid modulators to relieve the pain and suffering of people living with orphan liver diseases.

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Better Pediatric Liver Solutions are in Development

Our programs are designed to target and enable normal bile acid level modulation and treat diseases and disorders associated with irregularities in bile acid biology.

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Albireo's Bylvay is a potent and selective IBAT inhibitor

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A Leader in Bile Acid Biology and the Development of Novel Bile Acid Modulators

We leverage our expertise in bile acid modulation with the goal of bringing potentially transformative medicines to patients. For more information, read Albireo's Corporate Backgrounder.

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