About Albireo

Who We Are

Albireo is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of novel bile acid modulators to treat rare pediatric and adult liver diseases, and other adult liver diseases and disorders. We have deep expertise in bile acid biology and a pipeline of clinical and nonclinical programs. Our parent company, Albireo Pharma, Inc., is located in Boston, Massachusetts and our key operating subsidiary, Albireo AB, is located in Gothenburg, Sweden. We were spun out from AstraZeneca in 2008.

We are relentless in our focus of bringing new medicines to patients.

Values & Mission

Partnership & Commitment

We believe that people and relationships ultimately determine success.  We are committed to achieving excellence in everything we do.  We strive to identify, attract and develop the best talent for our business, focusing on execution and teamwork.

Enjoyment & Creativity

We encourage individual creativity but believe that team effort produces the best results.  We promote opportunities to contribute, providing a positive environment of curiosity and development.  In the rapidly changing world of drug development, we work to anticipate changes and develop innovative approaches to meeting our goals.

Mutual Trust & Respect

We value diversity and strive to provide an inviting and inclusive environment. We seek to inspire trust and respect by taking responsibility for our actions, maintaining high ethical standards and encouraging collaboration and honest and straightforward communication.