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Bylvay is a potent, non-systemic ileal bile acid transport inhibitor (IBATi).

Bylvay in the U.S.

To learn more about Bylvay, visit:

U.S. Prescribing Information

To help patients with access to Bylvay, Albireo has built a customized and company-run U.S. patient services program called AlbireoAssist®. This program, developed with input from patient advocates, offers the highest level of support while ensuring clarity, transparency and ease of implementation. To learn more about the program, visit

If you prefer to send a prescription directly to a specialty pharmacy, Albireo has a limited specialty pharmacy network to choose from:

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PFIC: Bylvay Mechanism of Action

Bylvay in Europe

EU Product Information
All linguistic versions of the EU Product Information for Bylvay can be found here.

UK Product Information

Outside the U.S. access to Bylvay in certain countries will now be available through our Managed Access Program. For patients in Germany, we also offer Albireo Assist Germany, a patient support program for patients and caregivers of children diagnosed with PFIC to accompany Bylvay and optimize outcomes.

Bylvay® (odevixibat) is approved for the treatment of pruritus in PFIC in the U.S. and for PFIC in Europe. All other drugs and indications are currently investigational.

PFIC: Bylvay Mechanism of Action